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Today, Social Health Growth (SHG) collaborated with the Hewlett Packard (HP) team to bring computer literacy class to the children of our beneficiaries, under the theme .  It was held on the first week of the June school holidays. The course was conducted by our Chairman Alson, and we had about 20 children who participated in this programme, and these children were supported by 20+ volunteers that came from the HP side. 



{Before the lesson starts….} 


{Lesson taught by Chairman Alson Boo} 

Younger children had their own activities in a separate room, headed by corporate volunteers from HP. 


{Activities for younger children led by HP Volunteers} 


After the lesson from Chairman Alson, trainer Terenz and ED Heng Khuan continued with a practice session, where the children were assigned a group project, with the HP volunteers taking on the role as project mentor. The children were all issued a certificate of completion upon successfully completing the project.  


{Issuance of certificate upon successful completion of the project} 

Before ending the session, the children gathered together in a circle to reflect on what they have learned, and to share their experiences. This session was facilitated by trainer Terenz. SHG HQ staff and HP volunteers were happy to see that the children were keen to share their story and choice of images posted onto Tik Tok, which they learned during the lesson. Even footballer Ronaldo was shared by one of the participants.  

All participants who completed the sharing session were given a nice corporate gift from HP. 


{Trainer Terenz setting the ground rules for the feedback session} 



{Feedback session before lesson ends, and unfortunately some children have already left. Only those children who completed the feedback session were given a nice gift sponsored by HP}   

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