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Gala Dinner 2023


After a 3-year hiatus due to Covid-19 pandemic, this 2023 Gala Dinner, which was held at Furama Riverfront Hotel, was a successful and memorable event. It was a night full of great performances specially curated from our group of trainers, volunteers & beneficiaries, and all of them received resounding applause from the audience for their outstanding performances.  


{Pre-Gala briefing with Staff and Volunteers} 



(Photo session with Guest of Honour MP Tin Pei Ling & Special Guest MP Hany Soh together with SHG Board, Committee Members & ED} 

We had dancers from Flamenco Sin Fronteras founded by trainer Daphne, and they made a fabulous performance that received the greatest applause. That performance was with our very own elderly beneficiaries, and together, they produced a samsui woman sketch that touched the hearts of many of our guests present that night. 


{Samsui Performance from our elderly beneficiaries} 


{Song & Dance Performance by Ms Lydia Azulay & the Flamenco Dance Team} 


{Photo Shot with MP Tin Pei Ling, Trainer Daphne and the Samsui Women Elderly Beneficiaries} 

Next was the performance by Dance Theatre Art with adorable girls aged between 7 years old to 15 years old wooing our guests with their excellent display of ballet, contemporary , hip hops & jazz. 


{Ballet Performance by Dance Theatre Art} 


{Dance performance by Dance Theatre Art }


{Photo shot with MP Hany and the Dance Theatre Art Performers} 

Next, we have singing performance from the team brought in by our trainer Zhen Zhen. Even our ED joined them with a singing item 朋友. 


{Singing performance by trainer Zhen Zhen’s team and ED Heng Khuan}  


{Zhen Zhen’s team singing 明天会更好} 


{Photo shot with SHG Board, HQ staff and Volunteers} 


{Delighted Guest, Mr Koh, singing along with 明天会更好} but some heard he sang 明天会更老 instead} 




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